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Searching! [Oct. 19th, 2011|05:27 pm]
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Hello fellow booklovers, I hope you can help me find this book! I lent it to a friend who promptly lost it, and now I want to lend it to a different friend...

Anyway, it's a pretty long chaptered novel about a house and the family that lives in it. The book may have won some award (I remember loving the cover art and maybe there was a medallion on it...? )

The house was built with a bit of magic and had things like 12 gables, 365 windows, 24 rooms, 122 doors, things like that. The story spans a generation or two, and some of the family members have a touch of slightly earthy or elven magic to them. I remember that the garden is really important to their powers and the plot. Not sure when it takes place, but has the feel of an early twentieth-century New England country estate/lifestyle. I loved the story dearly, and I hope someone here can point me to the title or author! :)