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Sci-fi Book Search [Jan. 4th, 2012|11:11 am]
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I have been looking for this book for awhile. Unfortunately I do not know the author or title. Here's what I do remember:

-On the cover was a woman with dark hair and cat-person.
-Takes place in the future
-Basically the two main protagonists: one is a woman she was in some sort of space academy. The second was a guy who was an alien they looked like cat-people. They are good friends and like each other.
-They went to his home world. On his home world their were two classes of cat-people the upper class and a lower slave caste.
-The upper class maintained that the lower caste was basically a pet and had no real intelligence.
-Turns out they were lying, the lower caste was changed in some way so that they were permanently disabled and unable to communicate.

-This is all found out and the woman and her friend help lead a revolution to free the lower caste.

That's all I remember. I hope you guys can help me! Thank you!