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Puzzle Book [Jan. 3rd, 2010|01:39 am]
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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a book I read as a kid. It was a puzzle book of sorts, where you had to find a certain number of items on each page -- for example, seven mine canaries, eight candle ends, and three rats, all hidden in a very detailed illustration. There was a storyline, and I believe it was that an evil magician had put a curse on the land/town so that everyone went bald. Three (four?) adventurers were chosen to go find the sorcerer and stop this curse. I believe one of them was a woman named Pug? Also, I believe there was some relation between the items you found and the plot -- you had to find certain keys to unlock something, or find symbols to figure out something else. Anyway, here are some more details...

Places they visited:
-- they started out at a sort of carnival with lots of people competing at all sorts of things, and you had to find all the adventurers before you could turn the page and follow the story
-- woods
-- mine/sewers with mine canaries to check for poisonous gases
-- a house where time had stopped (I recall a man with a fork halfway to his mouth with cobwebs going from it to his mouth, as well as lots of mice)
-- the giants' kitchen, where some giants cooked for the magician; you had to find lobsters or something like that, and everything was huge, and you had to find the dumbwaiter so that you could ride it up to the magician's tower (i.e. turn the page)
-- the magician's tower, full of cats and blue electricity, where one of the characters (a man) gets turned into a pig

The characters:
-- one woman who wears a hat/bonnet and a dress and appears to be disgusted by most of the places they go
-- a broadly smiling man (the one who gets turned into a pig); I think he wears checkered pants...
-- one or two others

At the end, they regain their hair: Pug (the woman) has long wavy reddish hair, and the smiling man has an impressive swooping curly mustache, Captain Hook style. The last page is them on a railway cart riding into the distance, with all their hair grown back.
Hope you can help!