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Romance Novels [Apr. 30th, 2010|11:39 am]
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I'm trying to find some romance novels that I read several years ago. There was a series of three and one completely seperate one. The series of three were only connected by some common characters, the plots weren't actually connected. What I remember is they took place way back in the days of lords nd ladies and knights and castles. The couple in the one book first met when he came to marry her, which she wasn't to happy about. She was working with some hawks and he mistook her for a servant. I also remember that everyone kept giving her little vials of chicken blood when it came time for them to consummate the marraige because they thought she wasn't a virgin. (Although this might have been one of the other books in the series.) When even he brought a vial she got incredibly ticked off because she was a virgin and no one believed her. So she dumped all of the vials on the bed in anger and then to cover it up he cut his hand and claimed he was showing off and juggling knives and slipped. That's all I remember.
The other book I remember even less about. I think the guy was divorced and had a kid? The kid had a pet snake and loved the fact that the lady wasn't scared of it like his mom was. I think her dad studied snakes. I also remember a scene where they were making mashed potatoes and trading insults about instant mashed potatoes. I think they referred to them as wallpaper paste, among other things.
Can anyone help me?