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[Nov. 22nd, 2010|08:34 pm]
Book Search


I love the idea of this community! (This post was put in two book search communities, to help with my search!)

Now, this search has been killing me for a while.

I remember reading a book when I was in maybe fourth or fifth grade (I'm in high school now). The main character was a girl, in high-school who joined an art class (I believe, it was some sort of class) and she met a very mysterious boy. She somehow finds out that he isn't really human (God, this is sounding like Twilight), but that he is actually a golem-type creature. He has two forms, his human one, and the golem one, and he lives in a cave. He finds his golem form disgusting, and I remember it seeming very gross even just being described. Despite all of this, she can't help but be drawn to him, loving him anyway. I don't remember much else other than she had another love interest, and during a dance (I believe this was in winter) she ditches him and goes to dance with Golem boy. For some strange reason, I can't help but think that the boy's name was unusual as well, or at least not very common.

I really hope someone can help, I've been trying to find this book for a while now. Even just a name or Author would help.


[User Picture]From: steerpikesister
2011-01-14 11:44 am (UTC)
this is possibly Point Horror's "the Stranger" by Caroline B. Cooney

From the moment she first sets eyes on him, Nicoletta is inexplicably drawn to Jethro, the mysterious newcomer in her class. Jethro is dark, brooding and dangerously attractive. Who is he? Why does he look so sinister, and feel so deathly cold?

i found it quite haunting. :)
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