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Historical Romance [Dec. 28th, 2009|03:58 pm]
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There's this Romance novel I've bee trying to find for over a year. but I can't remember title or names of characters but I know quite a few details of the story.

Here they are...

It's around turn of the century America.

He's a doctor. She's had a crush on him forever (of course)

She works for  her father's newspaper and continually messes up because of her bad eye-sight leading to funny articles/ads.

She says something along the lines of..."When I'm all smiles and sunshine I don't understand the gravity of the situation and when I'm not I'm over emotional!"

Someone refers to her as Missy Smiles.

She goes to him about headaches and he diagnoses her with a brain tumor. She goes and has an operation to get it removed. Only a few of these operations have ever been successful before.

Please can someone help me!

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Creepy book? [Dec. 26th, 2009|10:07 pm]
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There was a book I read in middle school, which almost assuredly puts it in "children's literature", for teenagers, I would imagine.

All I recall is that there was a painting above a staircase in a house that creeped someone out. The protagonist snoops, naturally, and eventually--and this may be purely imagination on my part--but I think the protagonist followed a mystery and eventually found letters in an attic which revealed the painting to be a portrait of Jack the Ripper.

Sound familiar to anybody? It was a horrifically unsettling book and I should like to read it again.

Thanks in advance!
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Yound adult book with telepathic dolphins [Oct. 26th, 2009|10:55 am]
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 I've been looking for this book for ages.  It's a young adult/kids novel.  The main character is a girl, whose parents were exiled from her island home when she was much younger.  She has been raised by the local mayor type, who is also the spiritual leader of the community.  They live on an island as I said, but this island is built on floating plants.  Whe kids reach a certain age, they are tested, and if they pass, they get a telepathic dolphin thing, which has a sticky patch on it's fin for them to hold onto.  The go with these dolphin things under the island, and harvest the fruits of the plants down there.  They are also sent out to other islands to harvest more.  The girl slowly discovers that her telepathic abilities are not as limited as that of others.  She can talk to more than one dolphin thing at once, including wild ones.  She can see through their eyes, and using them, she can talk to other kids.  Theres a boy she makes friends with, and they explore their powers together, although she is both more powerful, and more adventurous than he is.  

When they return to her home, she goes to the guy who raised her, and asks about what she has learned.  He freaks out, tells her never to do it again, and we learn that this sort of experimentation is why her parents got exiled.  Of course, she can't obey the order, and gets exiled as well, along with her boy.  They go south, and end up finding real islands (not floating ones) where her parents, and other exiled people are living, free of tyranny, but also without their dolphin things, as the critters don't like the southern islands.  

After that it gets a bit fuzzy.  I think they might go back to their home and try to overthrow the government, or maybe they talk about it, but that's in a sequel, I don't remember.  
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Obscure children's lit! [Sep. 14th, 2009|08:56 pm]
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So this is a vagueish one and I just now remembered these books--I grew up (this would be in the 90s sometime) reading a series of kid's books featuring mice. They were heavy on the seasons, and I think the characters were named things like "Mrs. Blueberry" or such. They lived in a hole and it was all very quaint and there were absolutely gorgeous illustrations--to the best of my recollection, they were "realistic", not cartoon type ones.

Sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: Yay! I think I found it--"Brambly Hedge" series. I can't wait to give these to my nieces.
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A Fantasy book about a girl and dragons [Jul. 18th, 2009|04:20 pm]
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Okay, my brother checked this book out of the library once 4-5 yrs ago and I just happened to read it.  I don't remember much at all but I do remember that I loved the book and I am pretty sure it has a sequel.  At the beginning of the book a girl is going to an Island on a ship that her people don't know much about I think but they are going either for some special trees or their leaves or possibly their fruit.  But I think there is a legend about the Island that there are dragons or something else that use to live there.  She wanders off meets a man and eventually finds out that he is a dragon.  I think he was the dragon (king) leader.  I do remember for a fact that the dragons were worried because they were not breeding as much for several hundred years (and yes they live a VERY long time) and their population was down.  Anyway the dragons are in trouble and the girl tries to help them and either she or the king dies but they come back, that part is fuzzy but i know it happens.  I don't remember if the first book is just on the island or not but I don't think so I think there is a lot more to it.  I do know that she eventually goes back to her farm and her father.  I think at the end of the book she is at the farm and dragon dude asks her to marry him and she says yes blah blah blah...

I know that isn't much help or much to go on but any help is very welcome.  I have been searching for this book for years and could probably go straight to it in the library but it is two states away now.

The book is a fantasy book and set in an original world and set in sometime like the middle ages. It is not some girl from NY.

Please Please Please help me this has been driving me crazy for 5 years now!            Thank You!!
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chick-lit [May. 10th, 2009|10:50 am]
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I'm trying to find the title of a chick-lit book... Pink cover.  It was about a fat girl who somehow ends up in a parallel world where being fat is the popular look.  Ironically, she ends up doing well there with her clothing design business and losing a lot of weight being so busy  & happy, then somehow gets switched back to this reality.  Anyone help?  I remember skimming it in a bookstore about 4 years ago but didn't buy it.
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Fantasy Book Search [Feb. 18th, 2009|01:53 am]
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I've just recently remembered a book I read years ago, but can't rememberer the title or author and its driving me nuts.So I decided to see if I could find a book search com on lj so here I am.

Points I remember:

fantasy book
>About a young girl in a small community at first. There is a big earthquake/volcano eruption and the young girl is away from town at the time.
> During this event theres a rift of some kind and two entities/beings are ripped from their word and starving as they can exist/feed in the girls world.
> They are lights/energy balls at first at meet up with the girl and bond(?) with her. She passes out as they change/alter her so they can feed through her as their desperate. This changes her body into an adults from a pre-teen.
>The 2 beings can shape shift to whatever they want though theres a size limit I think
>Feeding, the girl sucks life/energy out of other humans to feed/help the two beings survive. This also heals her and allows her to remain unaged/long lived and turns her hair white I think.
>something happens/attack right after, she saves her fellow villagers and leaves/cant stay on ship.

This is only the first third or less of the book but I don't want to write it all out.

I appreciate any and all help!
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2 searches [Oct. 8th, 2008|10:47 am]
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OKay this is a bit of a longshot,

Its a trilogy of kids books, some sort of aliens have overrun the earth but they keep everyone controlled by having us all wear 'caps' sort of like a metal plate that goes over your heads underneath your hair. these are put in kids when they reach a certain age, however there is some form of rebel group trying to take them back. the aliens move around the world in nlarge machines, vague recolletction of them having 3 legs however i cant remember what the aliens themselves actually looked like. i remember reading these in primary school which was at least 15 years ago for me so apologies for the shoddy description.


new-ish technology that allows a group of people to live underwater to do some sort of construction for goverment? most of the people have some form of pshycological damage from there lives, the main character is a woman that always had a problem with abuse before being recruited. they wear some sort of all body wetsuit that protects them from the cold and sort of contacts in there eyes. theyve been augmented? so they can swim around outside the habitat without the need for air tanks and protection against the pressure. i think one of the characters names was gerry who sort of went crazy and ended up living permanently outside the habitat.

Apologies for the bad descriptions but thats really all ive got to go on. If these ring any bells for anyone it would be greatly appreciated.
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Looking for sci-fi book [Aug. 20th, 2008|09:43 am]
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We've moved to a smaller house and haven't cleared enough space to set up most of my books and bookcases, so of course I am getting a yen to re-read all these books and can't hope to find them in one of dozens of boxes. There's a book that I don't believe is particularly well-known that I'd love to get from the library but I can't remember the title or author.

Here's what I DO remember:
- It's science fiction
- There is a female protagonist
- She has a special ability, that she can see all the different possible outcomes of nearly every decision she could make, major and minor, and she can grab onto a different thread into the future to force the outcome she would prefer.
- Embarrassingly, I can't remember a lot of the actual plot though I do remember enjoying the book when I read it, but I think a major part of the middle part of the plot took place at some sort of underwater city (or maybe just on an island in the middle of a very wide ocean?)
- There is another major female character who becomes very important to the heroine, but I'm pretty sure that, in order to keep them both safe, the heroine ends up having to put them in a future where her friend doesn't know who she is anymore. I know that does happen in the book, but I can't remember if it ends up that way or if it becomes possible for her to fix it before the end of the book.
- I'm almost certain that the book has a one-word title
- I'm 80% sure that it was written by a woman

I know this is very little to go on, but if it sounds familiar to any of you, I'd be very thankful.
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Looking for a Book [Aug. 5th, 2008|10:31 pm]
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I read a book a few years back in middle school. I don't remember exactly what it's about but I remember some things. The cover has a man on it surrounded by wolves. It was rather short, probably less than 300 pages.

Kids from different dimensions are sent to a different area, I forget the reason. A Princess, a scam artist, and a girl who was in a dimensions with nothing outside he house. I don't remember much, but it bothers me that I do not remember the title.

Anyone know?
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